Thursday, February 16, 2012


So here's the start of some concept art for one of my character design class assignments. The story for a hypothetical video game goes roughly as follows: the player alternates between three protagonists in three very different provinces. Each of these characters seems to have a strange power that has followed them for as long as they can remember. One has the power to create, another to destroy, the third to merge objects (alchemy). Each has a guardian figure that has raised them, either encouraging, discouraging or ignoring the presence of these children's powers. Signs of the apocalypse arise, all believing god is coming to smite them, the children set out to save the world, believing it to be their destiny. It is revealed that it is not god at all, but a ship from another world coming back to claim the protagonists that they dropped long ago to mold the world for recolonization.

here, I have designed the character from the creation province, her guardian, a glimpse of the creation province and a potential design for the aliens.

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