Sunday, December 26, 2010

Walter's Sculptures

Sketches done in graphite from sculptures at the Walters Museum

Exquisite Corpse

This Illustration assignment sprung from a game of "exquisite corpse," where the players each draw a section of an animal or character (head, torso or legs) without knowing the appearance of the other sections. The end result: some really strange looking characters. These are three of such characters put together into one illustration using pen and ink and some ink washes as well.

School Editorial

An editorial illustration for an article that focused on the over-crowding of elementary schools in Baltimore City. Inked traditionally with pen.

Practical Joke

This piece was inked traditionally and colored digitally. The subject matter was left open as long as it illustrated "a practical joke" and utilized a primary color scheme.

An Accident Waiting to Happen

This piece was inked traditionally and colored digitally. The subject matter was left open as long as it illustrated "an accident waiting to happen" and utilized a color scheme where the foreground and background were separated by warm and cool tones. I chose a cool pallet for my background and offset my foreground with warmer tones.

Book Cover

For this assignment, I was asked to redesign a cover for a book of our choice. My selection was that of an old R.L. Stine book "Aliens at Work" in which a young man stumbles upon a toolbox left by aliens. In tampering with some of the tools inside, a great deal of mysterious and sometimes terrifying things happen to him. The event I chose to illustrate was the instance in which one of the tools begins to give the protagonist a third arm.

This piece was done digitally and generally keyed to burnt umber. I have posted here two different versions of this project. The second shows a few adjustments made to the initial piece. There are elements that I like of each. The colors in the first I feel were stronger, but the second piece improved upon some compositional errors in the first piece. However, in altering the colors for print, I feel it does not look as strong in terms of color on screen.

Crime Scene

My first painting of the semester for Narrative Color. We were asked to illustrate a "crime scene," which was open to interpretation. The only requirement was that we do this piece strictly from life and not use the human figure.

Value Study

This painting was one of the first I did of this semester for Narrative Color, where we focused on simplifying value shapes using grayscale.

Limited Pallet

Also done for Narrative Color, a painting in acrylic only using Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, black and white.

Colored Light Studies

These paintings were done for my Narrative Color class where we specifically focused on how colored light effects the subject. All three of these paintings were done in acrylic paints over the span of approximately 5 hours each.