Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thesis continued!

This semester, I'm continuing to create concept art for a hypothetical game revolving around dimension travel. However, I'm now going to approach the art in the style of a "explorer's journal," where our main character has documented all of the plants and creatures she encounters on her dimensional travels. Here's the start of a dimension that fuses land and sea.

Swing dancing Skeletons

My first piece for my book arts class revolving around alliteration.

"Sophistocated Skeletons Skillfully Swing dancing"

Inked traditinally, colored digitally.

New creatures!

Starting off my Character design off with come creepy creatures. Here is male and female version of a predatory creature, completed digitally.

Thumbelina story: creature, headdresses and a random lantern

Some additional pieces for my concept art class final, all completed digitaly

Fall Semester Thesis

Well, one semester of this thesis project has been completed! Below are concepts for a dimension where the time of day dictates the direction of gravity, the space inbetween dimensions and a character line up for the dimensions so far.