Friday, January 14, 2011

Ugly Doll Window Display

The Toy Shoppe I work for carries this series of toys called "Ugly Dolls." The Ugly Doll company was hosting a contest for best holiday window display. The Manager of the Toy Shoppe asked me to arrange and design any props needed for this window display. Her themed idea was "What the Uglys want for Christmas." Since each of these dolls come with a description of their quirky personality, I then had to deduce what these individual characters would want. One enjoyed cd's, so I made him a pair of headphones. Another wanted a collar, another was "your greatest sidekick" So I made him a super hero cape. Yet another was terrified of water, so he received a poncho. All in all, it was a fun project.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fern Gully

This triptych illustrates the story of the film "Fern Gully" in my own style of acrylic painting. This was executed for my Narrative Color class, and I used warm and cool color schemes to separate the foreground from the background.


Here is a triptych depicting the myth of Medusa. Each of these were done in acrylic about 3" x 5" each.

The Kiss

This is a study of a Rodin sculpture "The Kiss" at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Completed in graphite.

"Modern Venus"

This was a study of a sculpture at the Baltimore Museum of art in its Modern Art section. Completed in Graphite.

When You Serve a Pig Ham.

This assignment involved doing a spot illustration for a selected magazine (mine was a food magazine) that used a combination of sound words. My words were "Clink, Oink, and Wham!" This was completed in acrylics.

Inuit Mythological Creatures

I had done a research project on the folklore and myths of the Inuit culture. Believe it or not, they had some really scary stories. This was my take on some of the creatures in these myths. All done in graphite.

Little Brownie Design

Once upon a time, I had an idea to write a short story about a little mischievous brownie (elf) that had all sorts of adventures in a toyshop throughout the night when the shop closed. Here he is:

Character Designs for "The Adventures of China McGuff"

These character and creature drawings accompany the digital painting "China's Flight." They were commissions for the author of a novel (publication pending.) All the same, they were quite fun to work on after reading his book. All done in graphite.

Creepy Crawlies Creature Designs

I have become increasingly more and more fascinated with horror game creature design, particularly the creatures from the series Silent Hill. As a result, I tried my own hand at answering the question "what is scary? what scares me?" All of the sketches below are done in graphite.


Done in chalk pastels

Life Drawing

Here are a few samples of some pieces completed in my Life Drawing class last year. All done in charcoal

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Small Ornament

Just a little sketch I did for fun of a small tree ornament of an elf with a basket of cookies. Done in pencil, about 3 inches x 4 inches.

China's Flight

A concept piece for commission. I was asked to do a series of concept sketches and a few digital works for a novel that may potentially be published. This was one of my first digital paintings, and I'm still quite fond of it.

The High Violets Poster

I was given the assignment to re-design a band poster for a musical group we were randomly given. I was given "The High Violets" a "dream rock" indie sort of group. This was the design I came up with. Originally painted with Acrylic, touched up in Photoshop.

The Dadman pages 2 & 3

Here are the second and third pages to the Dadman. My intention was to make the end sort of ambiguous as to whether the Dadman is a device the boy uses in his dreams to get rid of his night terrors, or if the Dad actually becomes a super hero and dives into the dream realm. This was inked traditionally and colored digitally.

The Dadman

This is the banner design and the first page of a short comic as a 3 week serialized strip. We were given three heroes to combine into one character, and for me, the Dadman (a dad who turns into a superhero to fight off his son's nightmares with his magical electric guitar) was the result. Inked traditionally and colored digitally.