Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thesis Environment and Character

I've started to really dive into the alternate dimensions of my Thesis project! These are versions of Dani that will exist in a dimension where the time of day changes the direction of the planet's gravity, so all the people of that world are gelatinous. As gravity changes, they drip into a new formation, thus Dani has three forms in this dimension.

This environment is from a dimension that's dominant life forms are insect and serpent-like. The surface is populated by the insects, in a swamp with termite mound-like skyscrapers.

Thumbelina Environments

Here are two environments for the world of my furutistic Thumbelina project, the first being in the forest on the "mother" character's back and the second is the wasteland where the "fairies" of this world occupy. Both have been completed digitally.