Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Swing

Here is an animation I completed a few years ago. By no means perfect, just a fun experimentation that I was fond of (a father's day gift :] )

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Swamp Princess

After quite a few weeks of concept sketching, here is the final turnout for a genre-switch project in my concept art class. I took the story of "The Swan Princess" and turned it into a fantastical horror film. Instead of turning into a beautiful swan each day, this princess becomes a hideous swamp monster. Here is her character design and the environment concept for the swamp cave she calls home. All done digitally.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Handletters Blog Banner

Each student in my Handletters class had to propose a design for the class blog's banner. The letters were inked traditionally and the remainder was done digitally.

Fruit Letters

This was for my Handletters class, we were asked to make an alphabet entirely out of fruit. Mine were painted with acrylic.

Words on Wheels

My school contributes in an annual project called "Words on Wheels." It is a collaboration between MICA art students and local elementary schools from the Baltimore area. The MICA students design a banner for poetry done by the elementary school students to be displayed upon in public transit buses. In my class, we not only had to design the artwork in the poster, but also the typography that the poem should be in as well. Art: Done in acrylic, Text: ink with digital manipulation.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zodiac Bugs!

For my Illustration class we were asked to create several spot illustrations and a half page illustration for a hypothetical magazine (selecting 5 zodiac signs). I was given the category of Children's Magazines. This inspired me to use colored pencils as a medium and to pursue a nature/educational theme that was still fun and full of color. I selected the theme of bugs to represent each sign chosen based upon personality traits In keeping with the notion of being educational, I tried to remain as true to the insect/bug's actual anatomy while stylizing them just enough to be appropriate for a young audience.
Saggitarius: the Mantis, independent, strong, goal seeking and wise but sometimes unemotional. I also felt that they appeared very centaur-like, which is often associated with their symbol, the archer.

Leo: The Butterfly, proud, confident, a leader although sometimes vain.

Gemini: Lightning Bugs, full of energy, sporadic and often mischievous.

Cancer: The caterpillar, often puts on a tough exterior, but truly have soft heart.

Aquarius: The Dragonfly, witty, intellectual, and wise, sometimes snarky, sarcastic characters.
Virgo: The Queen Aunt, pure, nurturing and motherly, although very opinionated, fussy organized and often overly analytical.

Valentine's Assignment

The following were for an assignment for my Illustration class which asked us to choose from a series of "do's and don't's." The ones I selected were as follows:
"Do: make her a home-made Valentine"
"Don't: do 'guy stuff'"