Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zodiac Bugs!

For my Illustration class we were asked to create several spot illustrations and a half page illustration for a hypothetical magazine (selecting 5 zodiac signs). I was given the category of Children's Magazines. This inspired me to use colored pencils as a medium and to pursue a nature/educational theme that was still fun and full of color. I selected the theme of bugs to represent each sign chosen based upon personality traits In keeping with the notion of being educational, I tried to remain as true to the insect/bug's actual anatomy while stylizing them just enough to be appropriate for a young audience.
Saggitarius: the Mantis, independent, strong, goal seeking and wise but sometimes unemotional. I also felt that they appeared very centaur-like, which is often associated with their symbol, the archer.

Leo: The Butterfly, proud, confident, a leader although sometimes vain.

Gemini: Lightning Bugs, full of energy, sporadic and often mischievous.

Cancer: The caterpillar, often puts on a tough exterior, but truly have soft heart.

Aquarius: The Dragonfly, witty, intellectual, and wise, sometimes snarky, sarcastic characters.
Virgo: The Queen Aunt, pure, nurturing and motherly, although very opinionated, fussy organized and often overly analytical.

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  1. That's Awesome! I love these. ^_^ Very creative.