Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thesis progress!

So, I begin the long journey known as senior thesis. My project consists of developing pre-production art for a video game.

(disclaimer: if you read the previous concept art story for Dani, the REALLY long one a few pages back, this story is essentially the same =D )

The story of said game involves a daughter traveling through alternate dimensions to track down her father and bring him back. Her father, a scientist/inventor focusing on saving the environment, has been working on a material to patch the holes in the ozone layer as well as repel the chemicals that deplete it. His project backfires and the patches begin to repel the natural ozone layer. He attempts to use a set of mysterious stones hypothesized to be able to travel in time and vanishes, the stones being left behind. So no it is up to his daughter, Dani to find him. She'll encounter alternate versions of herself along the way who give her various skills and items to help her along her journey. Each dimension, like her own, is on the brink of a disaster that Dani must help prevent to ensure her alternate self's survival.

Well. now that the back story is out of the way, time to show the progress so far!! Here are designs for Dani and the house her and her father live in.

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