Friday, June 3, 2011


Final project for my concept art class: create a concept based on an original story.

A father and daughter own and operate a repair shop, Danielle (Dani – 17 yrs) and Richard (late 30s-early 40s), in a small, West-coast city. Dani follows in the footsteps of her quirky father who is brilliant as an inventor and she often can be found wandering the outdoors, collecting specimens from nature to expand her knowledge of science. Her father believes that he has created an invention that might patch the holes in the ozone layer. The artificial ozone patches however, are designed to repel chemicals that come into contact with it, begin conflicting with the elements of the natural ozone layer and begin to repel it. As the remaining ozone begins to deteriorate, people begin feeling the drastic effects on earth, plant-life and wildlife dying, water supplies dry up and oxygen grows thinner and thinner. Before time runs out, the father hopes to reverse the effects of his experiment and attempts to put his recent experiment involving a set of stones that can harness energy capable of achieving time and dimension travel that has not quite been finished yet. They do indeed transport the father, but the stones are left behind. The daughter is left to combat with the declining conditions of the planet and attempt to find a way to use the stones herself so that she may save her father. She fashions them into devices that she attaches them to an earring and her set of work boots. She is skilled, but not as adept as her father in the ways of science, and therefore has no idea of how to track where or when her father may have gone, causing her to search through a vast variety of times and dimensions to search for her lost father. She ventures off into time and space just as the very city she lives in begins to melt and collapse into flame. Each dimension that she enters presents her with an alternate world, with an alternate planet-threatening disaster and an alternate version of herself. Each alternate-self she encounters presents her with a new set of skills and abilities that she has mastered only in this world. She continues her nature-collecting habits in these new dimensions, storing specimens of plant, insect, etc, in the jars attached to her belt to bring with her when she returns to her own time. Gaining skills, equipment, and special abilities, she quests for her father and a way to return to save the dying planet in her own dimension.I was envisioning this story as a video game, each dimension functioning as a new mission, or new level.

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